Altaro Endpoint Backup requires an O365 Total Backup Subscription plan. In order to configure Endpoint Backup for new customers follow the steps below.

  1. Firstly, the customer requires an O365 tenant added - so from the app selector go to Altaro Office365 Backup or else, from the [Your Customers] screen in Endpoint Backup, you can click on the following message:

  2. Follow the steps here to add the Office 365 Organisation for your customer.

  3. Once the O365 Organisation for your customer has been added, you can go back to the Altaro Endpoint Backup application, go to [Your Customers] > [Set Up Endpoint Backup]

    If the selected Customer does not have an O365 Organisation added, in order to backup Endpoints for this customer, you must add the Office 365 Organization within the Office 365 Backup app first. If the selected customer has not been upgraded to the 'O365 Total Backup Subscription' plan, you will be prompted to upgrade first.

  4. You can continue the setup with the instructions found here.