The O365 Total Backup Subscription is the current plan offered by Altaro that will allow you to backup your O365 tenants as well as protect your Endpoints. If you are not on this plan yet, see here to upgrade your plan.

Here you can find more details on how licensing works:

  • this plan will automatically license all users that have functionality for the protected O365 services (emails, files [OneDrive/SharePoint] or Teams). We do not bill for Distribution Groups.

  • [MSPs only] includes Endpoint Backup as part of the plan (one subscription that includes Endpoints with O365 licensing). Endpoint will not be billed separately. In short, you will be billed for the amount of Users only, and not for the amount of Endpoints.

    Instructions on setting up Endpoint Backup for new customers can be found here.

  • an O365 shared mailbox (unlicensed) is free

    If a user is converted mid-month it will be billed for that month and it will be free of charge in the next billing cycle

    an O365 shared mailbox (licensed) that has the functionality for the protected O365 services shall be counted a user and will therefore be billed

  • users that are no longer part of the O365 tenant or any unlicensed users that still retain backup data with Altaro will require a license as well

  • any new features/functionalities (including Teams Chats backup) will only be available for the 365 Total Backup Subscription plan and will not be available for customers still on the Mailbox or Mailbox/OneDrive/SharePoint Backup plans

  • [MSPs only] Internal Use licenses are available for Altaro Endpoint Backup