As from Altaro VM Backup 8.24.11, we have introduced the ability to remember the log in credentials for quicker log in access.

If the option to [Remember me] is not selected, the usual inactivity timeout (60 minutes) still applies. After the time has elapsed you will be logged out of the console and you would need to re-enter the credentials.

Once the option is selected, and you successfully log in, the next start up will look like this:

It is important to keep in mind that if the [Remember me] option is enabled, the session will not timeout and will remain active until one of the following is done:

  1. The Altaro user interface is closed

  2. The Altaro services are stopped

  3. You log out manually

For security reasons, if either point 2 or 3 are performed, the next login will prompt again for the user credentials.

Both the option [Connect to an Altaro VM backup Instance...] and [Exit] count as logging out manually, while the [Go to Connection Manager] option will not remove the stored credentials.