Once you have been given access to the Teams Chats BETA, you can proceed following the steps below in order to get you started. Firstly, you will notice that there are some slight differences specifically in the 'Backups' screens which has been redesigned to include the Teams Chats backup.

Once this new functionality is no longer in BETA, you must choose (i) whether to upgrade your current backup plan to continue backing up Teams Chats and group mailboxes (new fees apply and all Teams chat and group mailbox backups taken during BETA will need to be started from scratch); or (ii) whether to retain your customer’s current backup plans, in which case, the Teams chats and group mailbox backups taken during BETA will be deleted. The choice applies to all an MSP’s customers: you can upgrade all customers or select customers individually.

As this is a BETA feature, we strongly recommend that you do not test on a production environment.

Getting access to Teams BETA

You can request access to Teams BETA from here.

Granting access to backup Teams Chats

If you are looking to backup Teams Chats on an existing tenant you will need to follow step 1, if not and you're going to be adding a new Tenant, you can go directly to step 2.

(1) Granting access to an existing O365 Tenant

Upon visiting the [Backups] > [Users] screen you will notice a new column for Teams Chats has been added, which will show a grey badge "Re-grant required". In order to start backing up Teams Chats, you will need to re-grant so that we are given permission to access and backup that data.

IMPORTANT -- after regranting, browse to the [Users] screen and click [Discover New Users]

You can also follow the re-grant guide as per the following article here.

(2) Adding a new O365 Tenant

When granting access to a new tenant, access to Teams Chats will be automatically included in the steps, so you can immediately go ahead and add your tenant.

Enabling Teams Chats backup for Users & Groups

Note: If you have the Auto provision ("Automatically backup...") options enabled from the Office 365 Organisations screen, the Teams Chats/Groups will be automatically backed up, so there is no need to manually enable them as instructed below.

Once you've granted access in order to start backing up Team Chats for Users & Groups, browse to [Backups] > [Users] or [Groups & SharePoint].

Enabling selected ones

From here you will see the Team Chats column, which you can click on the [context button] > [Advanced Options] and then [Start backing up Teams Chats].

Naturally, you can also select [Start backing up this User] (or Group) and you will easily enable backup for all components. Notice that billing will apply for components that are not in BETA.

Bulk Manage

If you would rather bulk select the users/groups, simply click on the [Bulk Manage] button and then follow the wizard in order to enable Teams Chats backup for multiple at once.


Limitations & Known Issues

Find the list of limitations and known issues here.