• Adds support for Amazon S3 region ‘AWS Africa (Cape Town)’

  • Adds support for Wasabi Region ‘US Central 1’


  • Optimizes deduplication for incremental backups on both local and cloud repositories. This also fixes the issue where larger backup sizes would be created after upgrading to version 8.14.
    • Important Note:  For users upgrading from a previous version, the optimized backup performance will only take effect once a full primary Backup is taken from scratch. Further details can found here:

  • Fixes an issue where the Altaro VM backup local management console would not load on Windows Server Core edition operation systems

  • Fixes an issue that prevented users from configuring VMs for backup even though a valid license is provided

  • Fixes an issue that would incorrectly send a warning email notification for successful operations

  • Includes other fixes and improvements

(Follow the steps here to upgrade to the latest version)