• Introduces an account activity audit that keeps track of user actions and requests on the Altaro Endpoint Backup application in Altaro Cloud Management Console.

  • Introduces a daily notification summary that collates information per customer over a 24 hour period. This summary includes the total number of endpoints approved, backup operations completed successfully or with issues, and a count of endpoints pending approval for each customer.

  • Sends automated email alerts for Endpoint restore operations completed successfully, failed or with warnings.

  • Sends an automated email in case the Altaro Endpoint Manager disconnects from the Altaro Cloud Management Console for more than 5 minutes.

  • Includes a user friendly error message in case the configuration backup for the Altaro Endpoint Manager fails.

  • Endpoint agents can now be disabled from the Altaro Cloud Management Console. This allows you to stop an Endpoint from running backup and restore operations, and can be used in case you need to pause the backup schedule temporarily or if the endpoint gets compromised.

  • Adds a new option when adding endpoints for customers. You can now choose between a standalone installer for manual installation or a silent installer for large scale deployments.

  • Introduces a new (MSI) installer that can be used for specialized deployments, either using scripts passing parameters to the MSI directly (eg: via your RMM) or using Group Policy Object (GPO) passing parameters via the Windows registry.

  • Adds a list of predefined special folders that can be easily included for backup by using a combo box when creating a backup policy.

  • Adds the option to only back up endpoints manually instead of choosing a scheduled backup as part of the backup policy.

  • Adds 'Internal Use' statistics to the Customer Health Status widget on the dashboard for easier monitoring.

  • Introduces a new modal that allows you to conveniently activate your Altaro Endpoint Backup subscription when having approved more than 10 free endpoints during trial and then choosing an Internal Use subscription only.


  • Shows both the Altaro Endpoint Manager Address and the Customer Access Key conveniently in the same screen when adding endpoints via the standalone installer.

  • Moves the option to delete backup data for a selected endpoint from the 'Endpoints' screen to the 'Manage Customer' screen.


  • Fixes a rare issue where Endpoint backups would fail after more than a thousand backups have been taken to the same backup location.

  • Fixes an issue where it would not be possible to connect remotely to the Altaro Endpoint Agent UI and Altaro Endpoint Manager UI.

  • Other fixes and improvements