• Adds the ability to view and ignore warnings for files that have been skipped during a backup operation. Ignored files will not trigger a warning if they are skipped again on subsequent backups.

  • Adds settings to backup policies which allows disabling warnings for files that are not backed up due to one of the following reasons; Missing directories included in the backup policy, Sparse files containing no data which cause a file to be skipped, Files which are NTFS compressed or encrypted which are skipped during backup, and also warnings when an endpoint is not backed up within 24 hours of its previous backup.

  • Removes the login required to access the Altaro Endpoint Agent management console.

  • Adds the ability to use a Shared Access Signature (SAS) token when configuring the Altaro Endpoint Manager Configuration Location which provides more security and control over the Azure storage account being used to store the EPM configuration.

  • Introduces log archiving for Altaro Endpoint Agents and Altaro Endpoint Manager installations which reduces storage space used on disk.


  • The former ‘MY MSP’ customer has been replaced by Internal Use Licenses. When enabled, an MSP can benefit from up to 10 endpoints to backup for his own internal use free of charge without requiring an active subscription.

  • Allows new endpoints to be approved and assigned a backup policy directly from the Endpoints screen instead of using the dedicated ‘Unapproved Endpoints’ screen which has now been removed.

  • Allows viewing and editing the backup policy assigned to endpoints from the Endpoint screen.

  • Shows the Altaro Endpoint Manager IP address in addition to the customer Access Key when using the invite endpoints screen to facilitate deployment of endpoint agents.

  • Endpoints that do not perform a backup within 24hours are marked as overdue and are now shown in a warning state.

  • Several UI improvements


  • Fixes an issue where endpoint agents connected to the Altaro Endpoint Manager would not be counted correctly.

  • Fixes an issue where endpoint agent connected to the Altaro Endpoint Manager would cause excessive logging.

  • Fixes an issue where backup policies using environment variables such as “%APPDATA%” and “%LOCALAPPDATA%” would not backup files for all user profiles on the endpoint.

  • Fixes a rare issue where a backup would not be taken automatically for an endpoint after that it is approved.

  • Includes other fixes and improvements