Click here to access the Altaro Cloud Management Console

You can generate and export an Operations Report for all or specific customers under your MSP subscription. This will give you a detailed breakdown of what was backed up for the selected customers within the chosen month range. Additionally you can choose to include usage for all or select Altaro products.

If you navigate to the side menu on the Cloud Management Console from any application, you'll find the option under [Subscription Billing] > [Usage Details]

Here you will find the option to [Export Itemised Billing Report]:

A pop-up modal will show up that will allow you to [Choose Customer] and the [Month Range]. You also have the option to select, which Altaro products to include in the report.

Then simply choose whether you prefer to:

  • [Download Report Data (CSV)]

    This allows to download a .CSV report for all customers or even a selected one for the selected period of time.

  • [Create Report API Link (CSV)]

    This option will allow you to create an API Link, which can be used to query the billing report data in CSV format at any time for all customers or even a selected one for the selected period of time. The data returned by the API is refreshed each time that is called and is ideal for integration purposes with your RMM or PSA systems. Please note that the API can only be accessed at most once every 5 minutes.

    You can also choose to allow requests for the API link originating from certain IP addresses (must be a static IP address) only.

    To authenticate the client, the following API Key must be used in the HTTP Header using the X-API-KEY parameter. This API key will not be displayed again so it is important that you take note of it. For detailed instructions on how to do this, please refer to this article.

    In order to view or manage this API Link in the future from the [Manage Shared API Links] button.

How to calculate Total Backup 365 Subscription bill

In order to easily calculate the users that you are billed for if you are on the Total Backup 365 Subscription plan, you can use these instructions below:

  1. Open the downloaded CSV file (using Excel or a similar spreadsheet application) from the above instructions.

  2. Select all data, click on the [Data] tab and then click the [Filter] button

  3. Filter on the following entries only from the column named "Object Type Backed Up":
    • Mailbox
    • N/A
    • OneDrive
    • User Teams Chats

  4. Select all data again, then within the [Data] tab, click on [Remove Duplicates]. Unselect all columns except "Object Name".

    Note: keep an eye out for users with the same name within the exported file, since the name is being used as the unique object.
  5. The count of billed users will be the Records Found, which can be seen bottom left corner of Excel