This command line (CLI) application enables the Endpoint Agent to be configured and managed via scripts.

In order to launch the Ctl application:

  1. Open an instance of Command Prompt as Administrator

  2. Change directory to "C:\Program Files\Altaro\Altaro Endpoint Agent"

  3. Then run:
    Altaro.EndPointBackup.Agent.CtlApp.exe <command> <argument>

    Full list of available commands and arguments:

    setmanageraddressmanageraddressConfigure the Endpoint Manager address used by this EPA
    setaccesskeyaccesskeySpecifies the Access Key used by this EPA to connect to the CMC
    setgrouplabelepagrouplabelSpecifies a group label for this EPA
    resetconfig-Used to reset all configuration for this EPA. The EPA will become unregistered and will need to be re-registered to the EPM
    getconnectionstatus-Specifies the EPA's connection status with the EPM
    generatelocalerrorreportfull name, email, phone, description, localpathGenerates an error report to the specified path
    submiterrorreportfull name, email, phone, description, ticket number (optional)Generates an error report and automatically submits it to the Altaro Support Team
    help-Shows the commands and arguments available in this tool