Altaro Endpoint Backup includes 2 directories for backup by default:

%USERPROFILE%\Documents and %USERPROFILE%\Desktop

You may choose to add or remove directories to the include list as follows:

  1. Browse to [Your Customers] > [Manage Customer] > [Backup Policies] tab

  2. Click [Add Backup Policy] or [Edit backup Policy] by clicking the 3 dots next to an existent policy

  3. Click [Include Directory]

    You may define directories including either:
    1. Full Directory Path

      • C:\MyCompanyData\ScannedDocuments
      • C:\MyCustomFolder

    2. Environment Variables

      You can select from the drop-down menu, which will automatically generate the environment variable:

      • %USERPROFILE%\Music
      • %APPDATA%\MyCompany\App

If you would like to include any other environment variables, to view a list of valid environment variables and their values:

  1. Navigate to Control Panel > System and Security > System

  2. Click the "Advanced System Settings" link on the left. In the next dialog, click on the Environment Variables button in the bottom of the Advanced tab.

  3. The Environment Variables window will appear on the screen, here you can view their names and values.