Note: File permissions are not restored.

In order to restore your Endpoint data, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Browse to [Restore] and then choose whether you would like to perform a [Granular File Restore] to recover a subset of the backed up data or else [Restore Endpoint] to recover all backed up data from a particular Endpoint

  2. We will proceed with a Granular File Restore in this case. The first step is to select the customer from the drop-down menu and then click [Next]

  3. Select the Endpoint you'd like to restore from and then click [Next]

  4. You have the option to restore the selected files and folders back to the same Endpoint or else you also have the option to restore the files back to the Endpoint Manager. Select your preferred option and click [Next]

  5. At this point before you're able to restore or view any data you are requested to verify your Altaro Cloud Management Console credentials. Enter the credentials and click [Verify Credentials] to proceed.

  6. A full list of backed up files/folders will now show up on-screen from the latest backup version, if you wish to see files/folders from a different version, simply select your preferred version from the drop-down menu.

    If you are doing a complete restore, simply choose the version you would like to restore and click [Restore]

    Once you're happy with the version you can very easily browse through and select which items you would like to restore, then click on [Restore selected items]

  7. A summary of the selected files/folders will be displayed for confirmation, then click [Next] to select the restore destination.

    You have a choice to restore either to a Physical Drive or a Network Path (LAN only). Select your preferred location and click [Restore]

  8. The restore is underway, you can choose to start a new restore operation or go to the Dashboard to monitor the restore.