In order to Deploy Endpoint Agents, you will have two options either by manually installing and linking it to your Altaro Endpoint Manager using the local interface and Access Key or using a custom script to automatically install and link multiple Endpoint Agents.

To start off, go to [Your Customers] > [Manager Customer] > [Endpoints] > [Invite Endpoints]

Here you will get more information on-screen how to deploy your Endpoints Agents, you can download the setup for the EPA's from there too:

Automatic Installation (Custom Script Installation)

To proceed with a scripted installation, click the download button to get the installer file. Transfer this over to a shared location at the customer's premises.

It's important to take note of the Access Key in the window shown above as this will be used as part of your script. The parameters that can be used with the installer can be found below:

ACCESSKEY -- the copied Access Key for this customer

MANAGERADDRESS= Server Address for the Altaro Endpoint Manager

BACKUPPOLICY= (Optional) Name of Backup Policy you would like Endpoints to be assigned to

Example Usage:

.\AltaroEndpointBackupAgent.exe /q ACCESSKEY="12A3-BC45-D678" MANAGERADDRESS="" BACKUPPOLICY="Default Backup Policy"

You can naturally make use SCCM or any RMM tool in order to deploy the installer to your Endpoints passing the above parameters. Once your Endpoints have been linked, you can follow the steps here to Approve your Endpoints and start taking backups.

Manual Installation

To proceed with a manual installation, click the download button to get the installer file. Transfer this over to your desired Endpoint you would like to backup and run the installation.

After you have installed the Endpoint Agent click [Launch], which will open your default browser (Google Chrome is preferred) and take you to https://localhost:35481

Click anywhere where it says [Click here to link this this Altaro Endpoint Agent to an Altaro Endpoint Manager]

Next, you will need to enter the Altaro Endpoint Manager Server Address (IP address or full FQDN) as well as the Access Key found in the [Invite Endpoints] screen above. Once you've entered the details, click [Next]

Next, simply click [Register] and [Close] to successfully link your Endpoint.

Now that you have linked it, you can follow the steps here to Approve your Endpoint and start backing it up.