You can find further information on calculating costs for Azure here.

With Altaro Endpoint Backup, you will need to setup an Azure Cloud Storage Account, in order to securely backup your Endpoints to it. Altaro does not store any Endpoint backup data, this storage needs to be fully managed by yourself.

To set up your account, please follow the steps below:

  1.  Sign in or Sign up to your Azure Portal account on

  2. Go to [Storage Accounts] > [Add]

  3. Fill in the options on screen.

    Ensure you select Standard performance.

    Ensure you select General Purpose as the Account kind.

    General Purpose v2 accounts are suggested as it will result in the lowest cost. Choose your preference for Replication redundancy. Selecting ZRS will require a General Purpose v2 account.

    More information about Azure Replication Options can be found here:

    Also, please see Azure Storage Pricing for pricing information for the different redundancy options.

    Service encryption can be set to your preference. Though already encrypted (256-Bit AES) natively through the product, Altaro Endpoint Backup can work with both options in Azure.

  4. Click [Review + create] to complete the storage account creation

  5. Once created, locate the connection string for your account from [Settings] > [Access Keys]. You will need to use this in the next step to add your Azure location in Altaro Endpoint Backup.

    If you wish, for your Endpoint Manager's Configuration Storage Location, you can choose to make use of a 'Shared access signature' (This cannot be used as a Backup Location in a Backup Policy). You can generate one from [Settings] > [Shared access signature]

    IMPORTANT: Ensure that you set a reminder to regenerate your Connection string if you have given it an expiration date otherwise Configuration backups will start failing.

    Once you have created it, simply scroll down and locate your Connection string.

    Note: Each Altaro Endpoint Manager installation should make use of a different Azure Storage Account.

  6. Follow the steps here to set up your Azure storage account in Altaro.