If you do not have a copy of the installer for Altaro Endpoint Backup Manager please  obtain a copy from here before following this tutorial.

  1. Check the System Requirements for a list of supported operating systems

  2. Launch the downloaded executable file

  3. You will now see the End User License Agreement into which you will enter with Altaro Ltd. Please read through the agreement and check the “I agree...” checkbox. Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions in the EULA you can click [Install]

  4. Next it will proceed with the installation and you'll see the progress as below:

    Should a screen informing you that the installation has failed appear please contact support.

  5. Once the installation is done you will be presented with the successful installation screen. You can click [Launch] to start your default browser.

    Note that Google Chrome is the preferred browser for Altaro Endpoint Manager.

  6. Upon launching Altaro Endpoint Manager Backup you will likely get a warning that your connection is not private. You can choose to proceed, however it's suggested to configure a Self-Signed Certificate.

  7. Finally proceed to whitelist Altaro Endpoint Manager and your Altaro Endpoints Agents from your Antivirus.