The below article is a rough guide to Microsoft Azure pricing and it's meant to give you an idea of what Microsoft charges for their storage. If you'd like more accurate pricing kindly consult directly with a member of their team.

Note that GPv2 (General Purpose v2) is recommended as it will result in the lowest cost.

Altaro Endpoint Backup makes use of General Purpose accounts in Azure, thus costs can be calculated using the below link:

Costs will also change depending on the Replication strategy you choose when creating your Azure storage account. You can find more details about the different Replication strategies available in MS Azure here:

You may use the Azure Pricing calculator to make your own personalized calculations, link here:

Further Reading

Azure Storage replication options:

Azure General Purpose Storage Pricing:


Storage Account limits and performance targets:

Sample Costs

We have put together a sample for reference as below. Please note that this sample was calculated taking:

  • a backup set of 1TB in total (source size is 3TB, the costs could be less based on block storage Deduplication savings)
  • pricing is using Azure Data Center East US
  • 20GB of changed data being uploaded per day
  • pricing as at 9th August 2019

Please note that this is rough pricing from Microsoft Azure with regards to using their storage accounts and this is not Altaro's charge for backing up.

this calculation assumes that all blocks are using smallest blocksize of 1536KB (1.5MB)

The Calculations

Monthly Upload Fee:

((G [in Kilobytes]  ÷  1536 [block size])  ÷  10000 [request calls]  ×  B)

((G [in Kilobytes]  ÷  1536 [block size])  ÷  10000 [request calls]  ×  C)
31 [days in one month]

Monthly Storage Fees:

(([in GB]  ×  31 [days in one month])  +  E [in GB])  ×  A

Initial Data Upload Fee (Full Backup):

((F [in Kilobytes]  ÷  1536 [block size])  ÷  10000 [request calls]  ×  B)

((F [in Kilobytes]  ÷  1536 [block size])  ÷  10000 [request calls]  ×  C)

Restores Fees (Full VM):

(Source Size of Endpoint [in Kilobytes]  ÷  1536 [block size])  ÷  10000 [request calls])  ×  C)  +  (D  ×  Size of Endpoints Cloud Backup Size)