Note: Altaro VM Backup supports Exchange Item Level Restores from databases from Exchange 2007 and later.

The Exchange Item Level Restore feature allows you to granularly explore and restore individual items from your Exchange Databases inside a backed up VM.

  1. To start, navigate to [Restore] > [Exchange Granular Restore]

  2. Select one or more backup locations that contain the backups of the VM you wish to restore from, then click [Next]

  3. Select the VM and the Backup Version you wish to restore files from, then click [Next]

  4. Select the [Virtual Disk] file you wish to restore from the drop-down menu:

  5. Browse the backup at file level to locate your Exchange Database (EDB) file and then click [Next]

  6. Browse your Exchange mailboxes and locate the emails/items you wish to restore:

  7. Select the location where you wish to extract the selected files/folders to. You can restore to a Local Directory. Once you select the location, click [Extract]

  8. You will then see a restore progress bar similar to the one below:

  9. Once the Exchange Items have been successfully restored, you will be given a summary of the restored Exchange items. The extracted items are placed in a PST file you can use to import in your preferred location.

    Finally, you're also given the option to [Restore Files from a Different Backup] or [Extract More Files] from the same backup version.