Note: File Granular Restore from Linux/Unix VMs is not yet supported.

The File Granular Restore feature allows you to explore the contents of the Virtual Disk files of a VM backup.  That way you can easily restore specific files and folders from a VM backup without having to restore and attach the entire VM.

Please note that if you are looking for the following, you can take a look at Instantly Mounting the Virtual Disks:

  • support for ReFS formatted partitions
  • maintaining Permission/Date attributes on files/folders
  • Search functionality via Windows Explorer
  • support for partitions that have Windows Data Deduplication (the role must also be enabled where the Altaro VM Backup machine is installed)

  1. To start, navigate to [Restore] > [File Granular Restore]

  2. Select one or more backup locations that contain the backups of the VM you wish to restore from, then click [Next]

  3. Select the VM and the Backup Version you wish to restore files from, then click [Next]

  4. Select the [Virtual Disk] file you wish to restore from the drop-down menu:

  5. Select the [Partition] you wish to restore from the drop-down menu:

  6. Browse the backup at file level and tick the checkbox(es) next to the file(s) you wish to restore. Once you're happy with the selection, click [Next]

  7. Select the location where you wish to extract the selected files/folders to. You can restore to a Local Directory or a Network Location. Once you select the location, click [Extract]

  8. You will then see a restore progress bar similar to the one below:

  9. Once the files have been successfully restored, you will be given a summary of the restored files as shown below. Here you're also given the option to [Restore Files from a Different Backup] or [Extract More Files] from the same backup version.