If you are looking to regrant access to an Office 365 organisation, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Altaro Office365 console in Incognito/Private mode (important)

  2. Firstly, go to [Office 365 Organisations] from the menu

  3. Then, click on the [Key] icon in order to start the regrant process:

  4. In order to proceed, you need to follow the on-screen instructions in order to grant permission to three applications. Firstly, you will be granting access to Altaro to be able to revoke access should you wish to stop backing up this organisation, then you will grant Altaro temporary access to create new application within your organisation and you will grant access to the new Altaro applications to be able to backup your Office365 data.

    Finally, if you previously had a previously added tenant and you are re-granting access, you will notice a 4th step in order to allow Altaro to backup Teams Chats. Note: You might not get this option if access to Teams Chats was already granted previously.

    Start by clicking on [Step 1]

  5. You'll be taken to Microsoft's website to login using your Office 365 Administrator account in order to regrant access for Altaro O365 Backup to the account

  6. Once you've signed in, simply click on [Accept] to proceed. Once you accept, simply click [Close] in order to proceed with the on-boarding process.

  7. As you can see Step 1 is now marked as complete and you can proceed with Steps 2, 3 and 4 (if access to Teams Chats was already granted, you might not have this step) in order to finish the grant access on-boarding process:

  8. Once all steps have completed, click [OK]. You have just regranted access to your Office 365 organisation.

IMPORTANT after regranting, browse to the [Users] screen and click [Discover New Users]