• This feature is only available for the Unlimited / Unlimited Plus / Subscription licensing models.
  • VM's cannot be added to 2 Altaro Offsite Servers that are managed via CMC

Altaro VM Backup Version 8.13 introduces a new feature where Offsite Copies for a single Virtual Machine can be taken to two different Offsite Copy Locations. This is supported for Altaro Offsite Servers, Network Paths, and Cloud Storage (Azure Storage, Amazon S3, Wasabi). An example of typical usage would be a user who enables copies of a single VM to an Altaro Offsite Server and also to a cloud storage account.

Each Virtual Machine will take an offsite copy to its highest assigned Offsite Location first, then it will proceed to the other one.

This new feature works by copying the backup to both Offsite Copy locations at the scheduled Offsite Copy time.  The copies will be taken to the Offsite Copy locations in the order of the specified location priorities.  This priority can be modified from the [Setup] > [Backup Locations] screen.

To enable this feature go to [Setup] > [Backup Locations] and click on the ‘Allow multiple Offsite Copy Locations’ link at the top right of the screen: