• Introduces new authentication challenges to enhance security on the Altaro VM Backup local console.¬†Administrator credentials, and master encryption key (when configured) are required when performing the following actions:
    • Changing the master encryption key

    • Manual deletion of backup versions

    • Changing retention policy settings

    • Unregistering from Altaro Cloud Management Console (Administrator credentials only)

  • Introduces mechanism to force reset the master encryption key:
    • When this happens the connection credentials to remote offsite locations (including: Altaro Offsite Server, Cloud storage accounts, and network locations) will be cleared and are required to be provided again. This is done to prevent unauthorised actions otherwise protected by the encryption key.


  • All restore operations now require the encryption key to be provided when restoring encrypted backups

  • Enforces HTTPS communication between the user interface and user interface service

  • Enforces all REST API calls to be made over HTTPS

  • Improvements to the Altaro VM Backup Error Reporter

  • Other fixes and improvements

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