With Altaro Physical Server Backup, you can send a redundant copy of your backups to an offsite location via a WAN/VPN/Internet connection, this is an ideal tool for Disaster Recovery purposes. This is also required for fiber connections from site-to-site.

To do so, please follow the steps below:

A. Set up the Altaro Offsite Server tool on the offsite machine

The Altaro Offsite Server tool can be installed on a machine at the other end of a WAN connection and be used as a backup target for your offsite backups.

Important: TCP Ports 35116 and 35117 are used for communication between the Altaro Physical Server Backup software and the Altaro Offsite Server and must be allowed through.

Also, ensure the machine meets the minimum system requirements for Altaro Offsite Servers.

To install and configure the Altaro Offsite Server:

  1. Download and run the installer from here: http://www.altaro.com/vm-backup/download-tools.php

  2. Once installed, launch the Altaro Offsite Server (8.10.24 or newer) application from the Windows Start Menu

  3. You will then be prompted with this screen, choose to connect to [This Machine] and enter the Windows credentials to log in:

  4. Once connected you will be able to monitor/configure your Altaro Offsite Server. Once connected, click [Setup] > [Configure Accounts] and then [Add Account] to setup the connection account details for this Altaro Offsite Server as shown below:

  5. Set the Offsite Copy Location and credentials you prefer and then click [Save]

You can also monitor backups from the Dashboard section, which will show you current activity, backup/restore history and events. Note: One Altaro Offsite Server can be used as an offsite location for multiple Altaro VM Backup installations as well as Altaro Physical Server Backup installations.

B. Configure your new Altaro Offsite Server as an Offsite Backup Location

To use your newly set up Altaro Offsite Server as an offsite copy location for your server, please proceed as follows:

  1. Firstly, you have to ensure that your Altaro Physical Server Backup is connected to CMC, as only machines on Subscription licensing will be able

  2. Open the Altaro Physical Server Backup console and go to [Setup] > [Backup Settings] > [Send offsite copies to Altaro Offsite Server]

  3. Enter the IP address and credentials to connect to the Altaro Offsite Server you configured in Section A, then click [Test Connection]to verify you have the correct settings. Finally click [Save]

    Note: If the connection is failing, check that there is no more than a 5 minute time difference between the two machines, AND ensure your firewall is allowing through TCP Ports 35116, 35117 & 35120

  4. Next, if you do not already have an Encryption Key set, you will get a pop-up to configure your key. Make sure that it is something you remember, or save it in a secure password manager.

  5. Next, it's suggested to configure [Automatically delete offsite copy versions] in order to ensure that your offsite location doesn't fill up completely.

  6. Finally, once you're finished, click [Save]

  7. You either start an Offsite Copy manually from the [Offsite Copies] menu, or wait for your next Scheduled Offsite Copy job.