With an Altaro Office 365 Subscription, you will get an unlimited backup storage automatically saved to Altaro's secure cloud backup location hosted on Microsoft Azure Infrastructure.

How to check the O365 Storage

If you would like to see how much storage you're using approximately, you can follow:

  1. Login to your Microsoft 365 admin center

  2. Go to [Reports] > [Usage]

  3. Choose [Exchange] > [Mailbox Usage] > [Storage]. This shows you the current amount of space utilised by your O365's Mailboxes.

  4. If you are also backing up OneDrive and SharePoint, make sure to check the storage used by these services too as follows:

    [OneDrive] > [Usage] > [Storage]
    [SharePoint] > [Site Usage] > [Storage]

    Finally, add up the space utilised by these with that of the Mailboxes for your global O365 protected data.