Your Office 365 Backup Subscription includes Mailbox backups, however if you wish to start including OneDrive and SharePoint Files, this must be enabled manually. Find the instructions below:


If you're an MSP looking to start backing up OneDrive and SharePoint Files for your Customers:

  1. Go to your Altaro Office 365 console

  2. Go to [Your Customers]

  3. Locate the Customer you'd like to change the plan for and then click on the [Subscription Icon]

  4. Next, you will get a pop-up with an option to switch to the [Mailbox, OneDrive and SharePoint Backup Plan]

    Select the plan and click [Next]

  5. Finally, you are asked to [Confirm] the choice as this will incur additional fees per user. After confirming, you will see that the plan is now switched to the chosen one.

End Users

In order to back up files from OneDrive and SharePoint:

  1. Go to the [Subscription] screen

  2. Click on [Upgrade Subscription Backup Plan to Mailboxes, OneDrive and SharePoint]