The Altaro VM Backup & Altaro Offsite Server Management Consoles Versions 8.6 and newer include security improvements in order to protect against any potential unauthorised access.

The improvements are the following:

  • Password Protected Console - The Altaro Management Console now requires the Windows Administrator credentials to log in even when accessing the Local Machine. This ensures that only authorised personnel will have access to the management of backups. It's highly recommend that you take additional precautions listed here as well.

  • Automatic Log Out - The local Altaro Management Console will automatically log you out after 1 hour of inactivity, in case you forget to log out or close the console manually after you're done

How to Log In

The following instructions apply to both Altaro VM Backup and Altaro Offsite Server Management Consoles.

  1. As you can see, even when choosing to connect to [This Machine] it now requires the Windows Administrator credentials in order to log in

  2. The credentials required must be that of any user that forms part of the Local Administrator Group or a Domain Administrator (must be part of the Local Administrator Group)

    If the machine is not Domain joined (and part of a workgroup), ensure that the AD Domain field is empty

  3. To log in, it's as simple as entering the [Domain] (optional), [Administrator Username] and [Password]