The Master Encryption Key in Altaro is utilised to encrypt the backups using AES 256-bit. Offsite backups are always encrypted, however if you wish to enable encryption for your primary backup location as well you can follow the instructions below:

  1. In the Altaro VM Backup Management Console, go to [Setup] > [Backup Settings] > [Master Encryption Key]

    Then, simply enter a key a confirmation of that key and click on [Save Changes]

    Altaro VM Backup will require the encryption key upon restoring, so it's critical that you either remember it or take note of it in a secure password manager as there is no method of recovery for the master encryption key.

  2. You're all set, backups taken to your primary backup location from now onwards will be encrypted using this key.

    If at some point you would like to validate your encryption key, you can follow this guide.