The Altaro Offsite Server automatically backs up its configuration to your configured backup locations. This allows you to restore the configuration to another machine in case of a disaster or if you need to migrate it to another machine. The configuration is saved in the 'ConfigBackup' folder in the configured backup location.

If your Altaro Offsite Server is connected to the Cloud Management Console (CMC) it is recommended that you backup your CMC Connection Details in order to avoid having to reconfigure or reseed backup data.

These details are not backed up automatically as it required a specific Password in order to encrypt this information.

In order to setup this password, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open your Altaro Offsite Server Management Console

  2. Click on your machine name on the top right-hand corner, this will bring up the [Altaro Offsite Server Configuration Backup] option. This option will only show up if your AOS is already connected to CMC.

  3. Enter a secure password and then click on [Set Password]

    You will require this key when you are migrating to a different machine, so it's critical that you either remember it or take note of it in a secure password manager as there is no method of recovery for this password.