Important notes before you start...

1. You must be running at least 8.5.20 in order make use of the migration tool.

2. An AOS Configuration Password must be set, if your Altaro Offsite Server is connected to CMC.

Section A - Migrating to a new machine

Altaro Offsite Server automatically backs up its configuration to your configured backup locations. This allows you to restore the configuration to another machine in case of a disaster or if you need to migrate it to another machine. The configuration is saved in the 'ConfigBackup' folder in the configured backup location.

It is important to note that:

  • The Altaro Offsite Server Console must be closed
  • The target machine being used to restore the configuration must have a clean Altaro Offsite Server installation

To start the migration, proceed as follows:

  1. Install the latest version of Altaro Offsite Server on the new machine

  2. Uninstall Altaro Offsite Server from the old machine. This is a really important step; failure to do so could result in data corruption from having both consoles running at the same time

  3. On the new Altaro Offsite Server machine, browse to C:\Program Files\Altaro\Altaro Backup and right-click on "AttachConfig.exe" and [Run as Administrator]

  4. The AttachConfig tool will pop up:

  5. Click [Next] to proceed and choose [Altaro Offsite Server] selected in this case. Then select the Backup Location by browsing to it or enter the network path as well as the network credentials for the backup location. This needs to be supplied as previously configured in 'Configure Accounts' screen.

    The [AOS configuration password] is required if your Altaro Offsite Server was connected and configured via CMC. If you didn't set up a password yet, ensure that this is done before migration. Here's how you can set it up. If you are just setting this now, please give it a day before migrating, so that the backup includes this change. Otherwise, if you need to migrate the configuration urgently, contact our support team for help.

    Once you provide all information, click [Next]

  6. You should finally get this screen that configuration has been successfully imported. You can proceed to Section B in order to complete your migration.

Section B - Completing your Migration

Next, make sure to follow the steps below in order to complete the migration:

  1. Open the Altaro Offsite Server on the new machine and you should find all of your previous accounts listed

  2. Obviously, if the IP/Hostname is going to be changing, ensure that it's updated on the main Altaro VM Backup installations

  3. IMPORTANT - You will need to re-enter the passwords for the accounts AND any network paths you might have as offsite backup locations. The reason is due to the fact that passwords are machine encrypted so they are not copied over.

    [CMC connected Altaro Offsite Servers] If your installation was connected to CMC, your AOS should now be automatically connected to CMC retaining all of the previous settings.

  4. If the offsite backup location is also going to be changing, you can simply copy the "AltaroV7S" folder (on the old backup location) to the new location. The best way to move the backup folder is through Robocopy as you might encounter issues with long file path name through a normal Windows copy.

  5. The syntax for Robocopy can be found below, which can be run through a normal command line window:

    robocopy <source> <destination> /mir /fft /j /r:10 /w:10

  6. Once that's done, the next offsite backup will continue using the same backup set and will only be transferring incremental changes