New Features

  • Backup for physical servers - Through this freeware physical to virtual backup solution (P2V), you can protect a physical server machine and restore the content in virtual format. You can back up physical servers running Windows Server OS to a local disk, removeable disk or network path.

  • Backup schedule - Set up one or more backup schedules according to your requirements.

  • Restoring your backups - It is quick and easy to restore the backed up servers as a virtual machine (VM) on a Hyper-V host or as virtual disks (VHDXs).

  • Avert the impact of a disaster - Should a disaster affect one of the physical servers on your network, Altaro Physical Server Backup enables you to easily restore and access it on your existing virtual environment, as a virtual disk or fully functional virtual machine. This way, if the hardware is ruined, you can now run that machine virtually instead and access all its content.

  • Encryption and retention policies - You can specify a backup target, choose an encryption key (optional), define how long you wish to retain your backup versions, and select which physical volumes to protect.

  • Local management console - You can manage and monitor your physical server backup through a local management console with a web user interface, so that you can manage each install individually.

  • Fast and efficient backups – Change block tracking (CBT) is an integral part of the solution, so that scanning for changes is not necessary, resulting in much faster backups. Backups are also fully application-aware (and can make use of VSS).

  • Optimized backup size – Thanks to Altaro's signature inline deduplication, benefit from the smallest backup size, requiring the least amount of backup space and improving backup and restore speed.

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