Note: The following is to be done on-premise (where the main Altaro Physical Server Backup installation resides)

  1. Ensure that you have Altaro Physical Server Backup 2.0 or newer installed.
  2. Ensure that you have an active internet connection from the machine which you would like to link
  3. Ensure that communication to the following is not blocked:

    EMEA customers

    Non-EMEA customers

  4. Launch the Altaro Physical Server Backup console
  5. Click on the [CMC] icon at the top right of the window

  6. A Wizard will be displayed to allow you to link this installation
  7. Use an Altaro CMC temporary [Access Key] or your [Altaro CMC account] credentials to authenticate the Installation and register it

    To generate an Access Key, from go to the Altaro VM Backup app. Then go to [Setup] > [Customer Infrastructure] > [+Link an Installation] > [Link an Altaro Physical Server Backup Installation] and follow the on-screen instructions
  8. Finally, back on the on-premise Altaro Physical Server Backup installation, enter the Access Key and click [Next] and confirm registration by clicking [Register]