Note: This guide only applies to replication data and not backup data.

Before proceeding, ensure that you are running 8.4.12

In order to delete replication data for a specific VM, you can do this easily from the Altaro Offsite Sever management console:

  1. Firstly, open the Altaro Offsite Server console

  2. Go to the [Replication] menu

  3. Click on the wrench icon next to the VM you'd like to delete the Replication Data for and then simply click on [Delete Replicated Data]:

  4. Next, you will get a pop-up window explaining that all Replication Data will be deleted for this VM and a fresh replication cycle with start automatically.

    So, if you wish to stop replication completely for this VM, go to the [Replication] screen on Altaro VM Backup, click [Manage] and then [Stop Replicating]

    To proceed and delete all data for this VM, simply click on the [Delete] button on the pop-up window: