Upon installing or start an Altaro service, you're getting the following error:

"Windows cannot start the Altaro VM BackUp Hyper-V Host Agent - N1 service on local computer.  Error 2 - the system cannot find the file specified"

In fact, checking the Services, you'll see a lingering service after uninstalling Altaro, with "<Failed to Read Description..."


A lingering service on the left on the machine after uninstalling the product.


On the machine you're experiencing the issue, carry out the following:

  1. Uninstall Altaro VM Backup

  2. Open services.msc and check which service has been left behind

  3. Open CMD with elevated permissions and enter the following command, depending on which service is left behind:
    sc delete "service name"

    You can find the full list of services and their service name below.

    The above command will delete the service and CMD should return a SUCCESS message.

  4. Once you have successfully removed the lingering services, download the latest Altaro build and attempt the installation once more

    Services and their pertaining service names:

    SERVICE_NAME: Altaro.HyperV.WAN.RemoteService.exe
    DISPLAY_NAME: Altaro Offsite Server 6

    SERVICE_NAME: Altaro.Agent.exe
    DISPLAY_NAME: Altaro VM Backup Engine

    SERVICE_NAME: Altaro.SubAgent.exe
    DISPLAY_NAME: Altaro VM Backup Hyper-V Host Agent - N1

    SERVICE_NAME: Altaro.SubAgent.N2.exe
    DISPLAY_NAME: Altaro VM Backup Hyper-V Host Agent - N2

    SERVICE_NAME: Altaro.DedupService.exe
    DISPLAY_NAME: Altaro VM Backup Deduplication Service

    SERVICE_NAME: Altaro.OffsiteServer.Service.exe
    DISPLAY_NAME: Altaro Offsite Server 8

    SERVICE_NAME: Altaro.OffsiteServer.UI.Service.exe
    DISPLAY_NAME: Altaro Offsite Server 8 Controller

    SERVICE_NAME: Altaro.UI.Service.exe
    DISPLAY_NAME: Altaro VM Backup Controller