If you do not have a copy of the installer for Altaro VM Backup please obtain a copy from www.altaro.com before following this tutorial.

  1. Check the System Requirements for a list of supported operating systems

  2. Launch the downloaded executable file

  3. Next you will be presented with the welcome screen of the installer. Simply click [Next]

  4. You will now see the End User License Agreement into which you will enter with Altaro Ltd. Please read through the agreement and check the “I Accept...” checkbox. Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions in the EULA you can press [Next]

  5. At this point you will be prompted for the Destination Folder of the installation. In most normal cases you should leave the installation path as default. Altaro VM Backup will be installed within your Program Files folder. Click [Next] to proceed.

  6. Next you will see a screen asking you for confirmation to install. press [Install]

  7. At this point the installation will begin. You will be presented with a progress bar updating you with the progress of the installation. Installation should only take a few seconds. Please note that if you have UAC enabled on the Server then a UAC prompt may be displayed. Please click allow for the installation to complete. UAC is required for the following reasons:

    • Files are being copied to the Program Files Folder

    • A Windows Service is being installed

  8. Once the installation is done you will be presented with the successful installation screen. A checkbox is displayed and checked by default indicating whether the Management Console should be launched automatically.

    Should a screen informing you that the installation has failed appear please contact support.

  9. Finally the Altaro VM Backup Management Console will appear