Note: If you are looking to connect your Altaro VM Backup to CMC via a Proxy, please read below.

If your environment is sitting behind a Proxy, from 8.4.10 onwards, you can configure Proxy Settings in Altaro VM Backup.

If you're behind a Proxy, in order to submit Error Reports and the Check for Updates option, you must configure this option.

You can access the option from the [Settings] menu in the top right hand corner:

Then a window will pop-up allowing you to select your Proxy Settings:

Connections to CMC

Please note that these proxy settings do not allow for connections to CMC and it's important that the following 3 URLs must also be added to your proxy bypass list. Meaning traffic to the following URLs should be configured to bypass your proxy:


This also applies to other Altaro products such as Altaro Offsite Server, Altaro Physical Server Backup and Altaro Endpoint Backup.