Note: This guide only applies to replication data and not backup data.

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In order to delete replication data for a specific VM, you can do this manually from File Explorer in Windows and vSphere console.

  1. Make sure, the Altaro Offsite Server is idle and there are no operations running. Then stop the Altaro services on this machine

  2. Firstly, browse to the location of the 'Replication Database Location'. You should see a folder named 'AltaroV7R'. Navigate to it and then open the folder named 'Data'

  3. Next, using File Explorer's search functionality, enter the name of the VM you're looking to delete the replicated data for

  4. Once the results come up, simply right click on one of the files, then select: [Open file location]

  5. Now you're taken to the Replication Database Location. To delete the replication databases for this VM, you'll need to delete the GUID folder above the '.details.dat' file. So in my case:

  6. Next, delete the replicated VM from vSphere (will be marked with 'replicated_do_NOT_boot'). Ensure to also remove the data from the datastore itself

  7. Lastly, start the Altaro services again. That's all. The replication data for this VM has now been successfully deleted