Installing on Microsoft Windows Server Core / Hyper-V Server requires a few different steps before the installation owing to the different nature of the OS interface.

  1. The first step is to download the Altaro VM Backup installation setup file from here and then copy it onto the Server Core

  2. To do this, simply open a Windows Explorer window and type in the Windows Share location of the Core machine, followed by the drive letter of the system drive (typically “C”), followed by the dollar sign. The format in other words is \\IPAddress\C$ or \\ServerName\C$
    This can be seen in the image below, where the IP address is used:

    As shown in the example above, choose a folder where to paste the installer (for example C:\altaro), and click Paste

  3. Switch to the Server Core machine and open a command prompt

  4. Using the “cd” command, change to the directory where you pasted the file in Step 2 and run the installer setup command as shown in the image below:

  5. The installation will begin normally as shown below:

  6. Next, simply continue with the installation process

  7. Once installed, you can launch the application by typing in the command STARTALTARO in command prompt