Unable to connect to the Altaro VM Backup console due to a "Connection Error" as shown below:

Connection Error - There was a problem establishing a connection with Altaro VM Backup. Your request could not be processed.


A Proxy Server is blocking access to the local Altaro VM Backup instance.


  1. On the machine where Altaro VM Backup is installed, go to [Control Panel] > [Internet Options]

  2. Here go to the [Connections] tab and click [LAN Settings]

  3. If you have a proxy server you wish to use, then ensure that the option to Bypass proxy server for local addresses is enabled:

    If you are NOT using a proxy server, then ensure that the option to [Automatically detect settings] is disabled:

  4. Click [OK], and [OK] again to save the setting, and you should then be able to successfully connect to Altaro VM Backup