If you need to change the ports used to connect to the Altaro Offsite Server, please follow the steps below:

On the offsite Altaro Offsite Server

  1. Browse to the following folder: C:\ProgramData\Altaro\AltaroOffsiteServerProfile\Overrides (create the folder if it doesn't exist)

  2. Create a file named "AOSConfiguration.dat" in a text editor such as Notepad. It's important that you do not save it with a trailing extension such as ".dat.txt"

  3. Paste the following into the newly created file and save:

    "ControlPort": 36116,
    "BusPort": 36117,
    "UiServicePort": 35119,
    "ReplicationDataPort": 36120

  4. As you can see currently they've already been changed, from 35116-to-36116, 35117-to-36117 and 35120-to-36120. You can obviously change these to whatever ports you'd like; the 'UiServicePort' can be left at the default 35119 as that is only used for the local UI connection.

  5. Close the file and Save the changes when done modifying the ports

  6. Restart the "Altaro Offsite Server 8" service

On the client side (the server sending the backups offsite)

  1. Open the Altaro VM Backup console, and go to [Setup] > [Backup Locations]

  2. If you have already added your Altaro Offsite Server to the Offsite locations list then click the [Edit] button:

    If you have not added your Altaro Offsite Server yet, then click [Add Offsite Location], choose "Altaro Offsite Server" and click [Next]

  3. You'll then be prompted with a connection details screen where you can click [Port Settings] to expand a list of ports to use.

  4. Here you must define the ports to match those you have configured on the Altaro Offsite Server machine

  5. Once done. Click [Test Connection] and it should connect using the specified ports.