Backups failing with the error message below:

When processing the operation request an error occurred. This could have occurred if the Host is unavailable, or the connection to the host failed. (Error code 'JOBBATCHER_006')

Please ensure that the Altaro Host Agent is running successfully and that you have a network connection to the Host. You might need to upgrade the Altaro Host Agent if it is running a different version. 

Additional information is available:




This error is shown when the VM being backed up can no longer be found on the Host (Hypervisor)

This could happen if:

  1. The VM has been moved or removed from the Host/Cluster it was previously on
  2. There are duplicate entries in Altaro's Infrastructure Tree View for the same VM name, and the old or incorrect one is added to your Schedules. (This can happen if a VM is restored with the same name for example)


In the case that the VM has been moved or removed from the Host, you can remove the respective VM from the Altaro configuration by right clicking on the VM in question either from the [Backup Locations] screen, or the [Backups] screen as shown below:

Alternatively, if you have the same VM name listed twice in Altaro (duplicate) then it is likely that one of those entries is an old instance of your VM, in which case you should remove the VM that is currently assigned to your Backup Location/Schedule (using the right click method shown above). The VM currently assigned to a Backup Location will show up with a green icon, as per the example below:

Once the old/incorrect entry for that VM is removed from the Altaro configuration, proceed to add the correct VM to your configuration instead, and backups should then be successful. If the new VM is not being shown in the tree-view, go to the [Hosts] screen and click on Discover Virtual Machines (refresh icon).