Trying to add an 'Altaro Offsite Server' as an Offsite Location but you're unable to connect.


Version mismatch, time difference or firewall blocking ports.


  1. Ensure that you are running the same version of Altaro on both ends (the Altaro VM Backup and the Altaro Offsite Server)

  2. Check that there is no more than a 5-minute time difference between the two machines, ensure that you also check that the timezone is correct.

  3. Reset the account's password and try to connect again.

  4. Ensure your firewall is allowing through TCP Ports:

    35116 & 35117 (for V7)

    35116, 35117 & 35120 (for V8)

    To test that the ports are actually open and listening, you can use the 'telnet' command. To use 'telnet' command, ensure that you have the Telnet Client installed and then open up a command prompt window and type the following:

    telnet <ip_for_AltaroBackupServer> <port>

    Perform the same test for all ports, depending on the version you are running.

If you are still unable to connect after trying out the above steps, kindly get in touch with our support team.