Altaro VM Backup includes the ability to run manual or automated verification of your backup data.

Degradation and failure of storage devices is not uncommon, and this feature will allow you to compare the data on your drive to a checksum taken at the time of backup to verify the integrity of your data on disk, and restore peace-of-mind.

To set up automated verification tasks, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Altaro management console and go to [Sandbox & Verification] > [Schedule Test Drills]

  2. Select the Schedule Type by choosing [Hyper-V] or [VMware]

  3. Click the [Add Sandbox Restore Schedule]

  4. Choose the option of your liking, and select your preferred Recurrence Pattern. [Perform Full Test Restore] will also give you an option to Automatically Delete Restored VM after XX amount of days.

  5. Click [Saveand your newly created schedule will show up on in the menu.

  6.  Drag and drop the VM(s) you wish to run verification tasks for from the VM list on the left hand side into your newly created Verification Schedule:

    Note: Verification Schedules can be edited, deleted or disabled just like your backup schedules.

  7. Once you are happy with your new settings, click [Save Changes] to complete

Pro Tip: Add another level of protection to your backup data and set up an Offsite Copy of your data to a second redundant location to ensure you will always have a copy of your data to restore from, even if your local backup data is damaged.