Important! Before performing any CBT Reset operations, ensure there are no snapshots present on the VM where CBT will be reset.

Please note that this method of resetting CBT requires the VM to be shutdown

  1. Power off the VM

  2. Right-click the VM, click [Edit settings], click the [VM Options] tab, expand the [Advanced] section, then click [Edit Configuration...]

  3. Set the "ctkEnabled" value to FALSE

  4. Set the all of the "scsi0:x.ctkEnabled" values to FALSE

  5. Open the source folder via Datastore Browser and delete any -CTK.VMDK files

  6. Power the VM on

  7. Rerun Backup or Replication job to re-enable CBT

Note: The first run after resetting CBT will be slow as it’s still rebuilding the CBT information. If the next run was an incremental run, it will still only write incremental information.