The Delete Backup Versions tool can be to clear out all backups for a specific backed up VM. This tool will mark the blocks on the backup drive as free, in order to allow for further backups to be taken. Therefore you won't be seeing your drive's free space increasing after running this tool.

The utility can be accessed under [Setup] > [Backup Settings] > [Delete Backup Versions]

Once the Delete Backup Versions tool is launched, follow the on-screen wizard to clear out your older backups:

  1. Choose whether to delete versions of your Local Backups or your Offsite Copies
  2. Choose the Backup Location where you wish to delete old versions from
  3. Choose which VM(s) you wish to delete versions from, by ticking the checkbox(es)

    To delete all versions for this VM, you can choose the  X Delete Entire Backup Folder option from the very bottom of the drop down list as shown below:

  4. Confirm all information you have selected and click Delete to proceed. Deletion will start and when it completes you will be given the below notification:

    Note: The Dashboard Charts & Graphs show the maximum size that existed on any one particular day, so the change in size may not be visible immediately on the dashboard.