Before getting started opening the ports required, ensure that you also have an iSCSI Storage Adapter as per the article here.

For Altaro VM Backup to be able to boot up a VMware VM from your backup drive, it requires ports 35200-35220 to be allowed through the VMware firewall (if it is enabled).

Adding custom ports to the VMware firewall is no easy task, so we have created a VIB (vSphere Installation Bundle) to make things easier for you.

This VIB will add a rule to the VMware firewall called "AltaroBootFromBackup"

The rule will allow outbound traffic on TCP ports 35200-35220

To use this VIB, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download the zipped AltaroBootFromBackup.vib file from the link below:

  2. Upload it to the root of your datastore on the ESXi host in question

  3. SSH to the ESXi host

  4. Use this command to run the VIB:
    esxcli software vib install -v /vmfs/volumes/<YOUR_DATASTORE_ID>/AltaroBootFromBackup.vib -f
    esxcli software vib install -v /vmfs/volumes/5d66ada0-bb61f01a-dabf-005056b8b67b/AltaroBootFromBackup.vib -f

  5. The results should be a new VMware ESXi Firewall rule that looks something like this:

    With this firewall rule in place, you should now be able to use the Boot From Backup feature on your ESXi Host successfully.