The below information only applies if the below 3 points are true:

  1. You have previously upgraded from V6 to V7

  2. You are now using version 7.0.17, 7.0.19 or 7.0.20

  3. You have NOT enabled deduplication (Unlimited Edition), nor switched to the V7 backup format (Standard Edition)

Important notes about this upgrade

  • Version 7.0.21 will switch all backups to the new and faster V7 format
  • If you are using an Unlimited Edition licence, deduplication will be automatically enabled
  • After upgrading, your next onsite backup will be a Full Backup and require more space than a regular incremental backup job.
  • Reseeding to your offsite location will not be required because the software will automatically reseed from the previous Offsite Copy versions already available
  • In both cases - onsite and offsite - you will still be able to restore older versions

Ready to upgrade?

  1. Uninstall Altaro VM Backup from Windows Programs and Features

  2. Run the Altaro VM Backup installer again

All your settings and backup data will be kept through the upgrade.