From 7.5.6 and onwards the Virtual Disk Restore functionality was introduced allowing you to restore single VHDX or VMDK file from your backup set. Thereby this could save you a lot of time on your restore operations especially if you just need a single small virtual disk.

In order to restore a single disk, you can do so by navigating to the [Restore] > [Restore Virtual Disk] menu and then choose the [Restore Virtual Disk] option.

Then simply go through the process - as you would for a normal restore operation, however you will be presented with a choice to choose which VHDX/VMDK you wish to restore from your VM.

Note that this will not be overwriting your current virtual disk, but will be a clone. Also, you must use the same or a newer OS in order to be able to restore the virtual disk.

If the VM had snapshots when it was backed up, please note that these will be merged in order to give you one single VHDX/VMDK file, that you can easily mount.


  • Only backups taken with 7.5.6 and onwards can use the Virtual Disk Restore functionality.
  • VMware ESXi 6.0 and onwards support this functionality.
  • Refer to the System Requirements for Hyper-V version compatibility