Note: this cannot be tested on the same instance that's currently being backed up.

In order to confirm that the Encryption key that you have on file is indeed the correct one, you can test this out by attempting a restore operation. You can follow the steps here:

  1. Install Altaro VM Backup on a new machine (such as a DR site for instance). You can download the latest version from here.

  2. Navigate to one of the restore screens, such as [Restore VM as Clone] or [File Level Restore] for instance, then choose [Add Restore Source]

  3. You will then be prompted with a wizard for selecting the restore source, be it a Local Drive, Network Path, Altaro Offsite Server and Azure Cloud Storage Account

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and click [Finish] to complete

  5. Once done, the new Restore Source will show up in the list of locations, so simply tick the box next to the Restore Source you added and click [Next]

  6. You will then be shown a list of VM backups detected in the selected Restore Source. Selecting 1 VM will suffice, then click [Next]

  7. You'll be presented with the option to choose the version you wish to restore, in this case we're only really interested in the [Decryption Key] field. So in this case, simply enter your key and you should get a green check mark is the entered key is correct.

    If not, you'll get a red warning sign.