Switching to Altaro VM Backup from another backup vendor? Here's the answers to some questions you may have: 

Can I run both products in parallel?

Yes! However keep in mind that most products out there use Microsoft Shadow Copy as an underlying technology, which can sometimes fail if jobs are run at the same time. It is thus recommended that you ensure that the backup schedules of each product do not overlap with the other.

Can I migrate my old backup data?

No, unfortunately backup vendors normally use their own proprietary backup format which Altaro VM Backup is not able to read or import from.

In this case we recommend that you archive your current backup data, keep the old software at hand temporarily, in case you need to restore the old data, and start your Altaro VM Backups to a new folder. Eventually once you are satisfied with the number of backups taken with Altaro, you can delete the older archived backup versions taken by the other application.

Do you offer competitive upgrade pricing?

Yes, absolutely! For more information please contact your regional partner or our sales team.