Please note that this operation is a time-consuming process handling sensitive backup data and should ONLY be utilised if you truly require to free up space from your backup drive.
Therefore this operation should NOT be aborted in any other way apart from on-screen option through Altaro VM Backup. Also be advised that there are specific portions of the operation where you will be able to abort the process.

Version 7.2 adds a new feature to optimize disk space used for backups.

Since the official release of Altaro VM Backup V7, as old backup versions are deleted by the version retention policy, subsequent backups will automatically reuse unused free space. This new feature allows users to shrink their backup data files to free up disk space without waiting for subsequent backups to reuse the space you can use this Wizard.

This option should only be used if you truly require to free up space from your backup device. It can be found within the same [Delete Backup Versions] option within Altaro VM Backup.

Note: This option is currently only available for primary backups only.