Note: This will work for when the VMs will remain on the same host and you're simply looking to move the backup sets over to a new backup location. This won't work if you're moving the VMs to another host completely.

If you'd like to migrate your current backup set to a new location, either because you got new storage or would simply like to move them to a new location, you'll likely want to retain the history and continue taking incremental backups.

To do so, you can follow these steps:


  1. Browse to the backup drive and then copy (not move) 'AltaroV7' folder over to the new backup location. The best way to move the backup folder is through Robocopy as you might encounter issues with long file path name through a normal Windows copy.

    Important note: stop the Altaro services before initiating the copy. This will ensure that your data will be copied without Altaro trying to access the data and ensure its integrity.

  2. The syntax for Robocopy is found below, which can be run through a normal command line window:

    robocopy <source> <destination> /mir /fft /j /r:10 /w:10

  3. Then from the Altaro Management Console, point to the new backup location - ensure you do not point directly to the 'AltaroV7' folder, so as not to create 2 folders. So in this case, ensure to point to its parent folder.

  4. Next, simply drag over the VMs to this new backup location from the Altaro Management Console.

  5. The next backups will continue where they left off on the new backup location.

  6. You can now delete the 'AltaroV7' folder in the old backup location.