With Altaro VM Backup you can choose to exclude specific Virtual Disks (VHDX or VMDK) from your backups.

Warning! Please be aware that excluding a Virtual Disk can and will have an effect on your VM when it is restored. For example if this Virtual Disk contains an SQL database or system files for your OS, then the restored VM will not function without it. Thus before excluding a Virtual disk ensure you can manually provide a copy of this Virtual Disk to the restored VM.

Note: Exclusion rules are ignored for VMs with snapshots.

To exclude a Virtual Disk from your backups, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Altaro Management console, go to [Setup] > [Backup Settings] > [Advanced Settings]

  2. Here, locate the VM which you want to make changes to, and click the Exclude Drives button at the far right, as shown below:

  3. You will then be prompted with a list of detected Virtual Disks associated with that VM.

  4. Choose which you wish to exclude by clicking the [Exclude] button on the right next to the Virtual Disk(s) you wish to exclude, then click Save to apply the changes.